Reviving Your Houseplants: Fostering Flourishing Flora in Low Light

Insights on Indoor Gardening from Riva Gardens Greetings, plant enthusiasts! At Riva Gardens, we know the struggle to keep indoor greenery thriving when your space lacks natural sunlight. But, there’s good news! With our selection of resilient low-light plants and savvy care tips, your indoor garden can still prosper. Let’s walk you through the process […]

Fall Garden Cleanup Checklist

Leaf Removal: Due to Maryland’s deciduous trees, expect a significant amount of leaf drop. Rake and compost leaves, ensuring those from diseased plants are discarded. Perennials: After the first frost, trim back dead foliage to minimize pest harborage. Divide and transplant perennials that have grown too large or lost vigor. Use plant markers to designate […]

Riva Gardens Presents: Succulent Pumpkin Planters!

Dive into the essence of autumn with a green twist! Riva Gardens is thrilled to showcase our succulent pumpkin planters – where nature’s elegance meets festive charm. These aren’t just your typical planters; they represent the harmonious blend of the season’s bounty with modern aesthetics. Ideal for every fall festivity, our planters sprinkle a touch […]