Prepping Your Garden For Winter: A Step-By-Step Guide

Courtesy of Riva Gardens

Hello, Garden Guardians!

As the leaves change color and the days grow shorter, it’s clear that winter is on its way. At Riva Gardens, we share your dedication to the well-being of your plants and are here to help you get your garden winter-ready. Follow this guide to tuck your garden in for the cold months ahead:

  1. Declutter the Green Space Begin by clearing away spent plants, pulling up weeds, and removing garden debris. This clean-up is crucial as it deters overwintering pests and diseases and prepares your space for a fresh beginning when spring arrives.
  2. Pruning with Purpose Not every plant will need a trim before the winter, but for those that do, now is the time to act. Carefully prune away any dead or sickly branches and cut back perennials as needed. For those tender shrubs, a layer of burlap can provide a shield against the cold winds and snow.
  3. The Mulch Must-Do Spread a generous layer of mulch over your beds to maintain soil moisture levels and even out soil temperature fluctuations. Whether it’s straw, fallen leaves, or wood chips, the right mulch can also suppress spring weed growth.
  4. Winter Watering Despite the drop in temperature, your plants will still appreciate a good watering. Ensure they enter the winter months well-hydrated, particularly evergreens and new plantings.
  5. Pot Protection Plan For plants that reside in pots, especially those in fragile containers that might not survive a freeze, find a protected spot or bring them indoors. Wrapping pots in insulating material is also a viable option.
  6. Veggie Garden Care Now is the ideal time to enrich your vegetable garden beds with compost or manure, giving these nutrients the winter to meld with the soil, readying it for your spring plantings.
  7. Last Call for Lawn Care Give your lawn a final mow, aerate the soil, and apply a winter-specific fertilizer to bolster the grass against the cold and ensure a lush return in spring.
  8. Gardening Gear Maintenance Take care of your gardening tools by giving them a good cleaning and sharpening. Oiling metal parts can prevent rusting. Properly storing them now means they’ll be in top condition for spring.
  9. Future Garden Dreams While indoors, let your imagination bloom by planning next year’s garden. Flip through seed catalogs, plan out new plantings, and consider design changes to your garden layout.
  10. Wildlife Welcome Encourage birds to visit your garden by setting up feeders and baths. They’ll add charm to your winter landscape and help control pests.

Your garden is now snugly prepped for winter’s touch. And if you need advice or supplies, the friendly folks at Riva Gardens are always here to lend a hand.

Enjoy the winter wonderland, and happy gardening!